Cortney Warwick McKee

Dear Arkansas GOP,

You were given a responsibility to Arkansans, not a mandate from them. When using our new Brodband funds, focus on every rural Arkansan, not over the top business deals for your supporters. When further cutting taxes, let's leave the income tax in place, & cut the grocery tax, the used car sales tax, and the gas tax ya'll increased a couple of years ago. Let's safeguard our low registration fees & keep our property tax from getting out of hand. And lets fund the things we need to, like teacher raises, asap. Lets make sure there is accountability with our new road funds too. Some of these private contractors are really messing up the job, & we, citizens, have no way to hold them accountable. Let's reject privitized prisons, no one should get wealthy from sending more people to jail. Let's fix Arkansas's status as the #2 state in per capita rapes, and fund the state crime lab. Let's make an exception for rape in the abortion ban- because its unconscionable not to have it. And let's keep Arkansas the Natural State, by dealing with waste & increasing recycling. Quit attacking the LGBTQ+ community. We are all Arkansans and desrve to be treated fairly. And let's do what we can to make it EASIER to register & to vote. Because government is BETTER when we are all part of it. 

Yours truly,

Cortney Warwick McKee


Image by Derek Livingston

Why Your Vote Counts

January 24, 2022

Your vote is the only way to hold elected officials accountable. Without your vote, those who represent you can skate by doing the bare minimum, never addressing any real issues in the state. In addition to poor voter turnout, this complacency has been caused by running unopposed and a lack of engagement with constitutients. The Republican supermajority has taken for granted they will win, and have thus become unaccountable to those they represent. As your state senator, I will be accountable to you. Integrity and ethics are of the highest importance to me. I recognize up front the slippery slope of ethics and self justification. I will start every day by committing myself to the highest standards of ethics. I will work hard to engage, inform, and communicate with the residents of my district. Many Arkansans watched the last legislative session in horror as state legislators took healthcare decisions from patients, parents and doctors. Again they pushed for big government, proposing and passing several education bills that attacked teachers rather than supported them. Now we face the largest teacher shortage in recent Arkansas history. Education decisions belong in the hands of educators, students and parents- not to the legislators in Little Rock. Your vote for me, puts the power back where it belongs: you.

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Joshua Parham, AR

“Cortney has been a lifelong friend and confidant to myself. She is an intellect with an open mind, a proud woman whose honor is surpassed by none. She is a staunch supporter of the environmental corrections necessary to sustain our children's lives and continued enjoyment of our beautiful state as well as common sense reform to help Arkansans. A friend to all, including the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, women, the poor, and immigrants. Cortney insists on doing what is right, before what is easiest. I strongly encourage you to vote in your own interests and vote for Cortney Warwick McKee.

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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